Abby Huntoon

I have been working in clay for forty five years. I was a self-taught functional potter until I attended graduate school at Boston University’s Program in Artisanry and graduated in 1985. I moved to Maine and for twelve years pursued creating moderate to large scale sculpture with architectural references. During this period I completed and installed five large murals across Maine as part of the state’s Percent for Art program. After many years of embracing form as the focus of my work, I became attracted to the graceful curves and the surface possibilities of the open book whose pages can depict thoughts on relationships, personal quandaries and travel reveries.

My most recent body of work is focused on an ongoing interest of contrasts within one piece. In this series, lively, free spirited, twisting coils are compressed within the confines of a static, rigid form. In most cases the form is a vessel – a container that cannot contain. The body of these vessels are composed of these free flowing coils which often meld together as they flow into the confined space of a tighter resolution at the top. In other pieces contrasting elements are juxtaposed to accentuate their differences. When appropriate, I try to use surfaces that further accentuate these differences.

I am always trying out new ideas that can take me to whole new areas of exploration.